Data Installation
INHERENT, Google Summit

Data Installation

xtopia’s new Data Installation INHERENT was a part of the inaugural @google Year in Search ‘22 Event hosted by İbrahim Selim

The Installation utilizes Turkey’s entire relative search trend datasets provided by Google. Our collective search activity reveals what we care about, and gives us a good snapshot of main themes that shaped 2022.

Datasets; depicting trend shifts, in monthly intervals for 12 unique categories, were transformed both individually and unitedly into a Data Sculpture as the representation of the year.

INHERENT is a data-driven sculpting exploration; interpreting our movements in society with Art.

Commissioned by
In collaboration with
Google Turkey, Senfonico
Event by

Data Sculptures and A.V Installation
14 Meters by 1.5 Meters custom LED Media Wall

Curator, Creative Director: Lalin Akalan
Director, Visual Artist: Amir Ahmadoghlu
CG Artist: Burak Dirgen
Composer, Sound Designer: Alican Okan
Data Mining: Gülçin Demircan Senfonico
Project Managers: Sırma Süren, Melike Eraslan Google
Event: Kemal Gürel
MC: İbrahim Selim